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Little Bairn

Who – a mother that wanted to protect her baby

When Victoria’s first little bairn, Oliver, was born in 2011 she was disappointed by the selection of baby care products available on the market. When she started scrutinising ingredient labels she discovered that so many contained a great number of unnecessary (and sometimes harmful) ingredients that babies simply don't need (things like foaming agents, penetration enhancers and artificial colours/fragrances). 

She was in awe of just how beautifully soft her baby's new skin was and wanted to take a 'back to basics' approach to his skin care. And so the idea for Little Bairn was born.

What – with only the best quality natural and organic ingredients

With Oliver as her inspiration, Victoria embarked on almost two years of research, consultation and trialling to produce a range of products that leave out all the nasties. All Little Bairn products contain only the best quality natural and organic ingredients to ensure they are gentler, safer and cleaner. 

Little Bairn was launched in 2013, allowing Victoria to share these products with like-minded mothers. Little Bairn's newest offering - a range of products for pregnancy and beyond - was launched in May 2014 and we’re so excited to stock them at Natural Supply Co!

What – products that are safe from birth and eczema-friendly

Developed in consultation with an aromatherapist and midwife, the Little Bairn range is based on gentle and simple formulations - you won't find any lengthy ingredient lists or ingredients you can't pronounce. All products promise to be free from any nasties including artificial fragrances, mineral oil, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, parabens and other synthetic preservatives.

All products are safe for use from birth, and eczema-friendly.

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