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Journey of Me

Who - two women who want you to live your best life

Michelle McCartan is a coach, a writer, a retreat leader, and a teacher. Her deeply compassionate approach to helping people come home to themselves has touched the lives of hundreds of clients from all over the world. She is a certified Leadership Coach and qualified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Amanda McMillan has spent the past three years as one of the founders of a fast-growing Learning and Development organisation, and she's now on her own wellness journey, discovering firsthand how fulfilling it is to live a life aligned to her vision.

Why - because we all have the right to feel empowered

No matter who we are, and regardless of our personal circumstances, we all have the right to feel empowered, energised and inspired to live our best lives.

Michelle and Amanda believe that wellness looks different for each of us and they aim to deliver inspirational products, coaching and training that provides you with simple, practical steps to achieve your best possible life. For life.

What - a wellness journal that we just adore

  • 8 month wellness journal with a daily reflection page
  • 392 beautifully designed and inspiring pages
  • Thought provoking exercises
  • Regular wellness assessments
  • Suggestions and tips
  • Monthly planners
  • A guided month to discover your best life
  • 7 months to support you in making change in 7 key areas of wellness
  • Endorsed by credentialed wellness professionals

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