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Who – a female founder with a massive heart

The founder of ivadore, Tanya Felli, has over eight years experience in the natural beauty industry. Her passion for natural beauty products developed after being diagnosed with celiac disease and having to completely change her diet. Noticing the difference it made to her overall health, Tanya began to look more closely at the ingredients in the products she was putting onto her body, but she struggled to find natural beauty substitutes that actually worked. Following the birth of her first child Tanya searched for a natural remedy that visibly reduced the appearance of stretch marks, but failed to find one, so she decided to create one herself.

Why – because natural ingredients are better for you and your family

Tanya is passionate about finding the most effective natural ingredients and works closely with one of Australia’s leading beauty formulators to ensure that all of ivadore’s products are of the highest quality. She’s constantly testing out new ingredients and appraising the latest natural beauty trends. Tanya is dedicated to making natural beauty products an accessible and efficient option for everyone.

What – a natural tan, serums and a delicious polish

Ivadore is dedicated to creating highly effective skincare & beauty products using natural & organic ingredients. With the added benefits of active peptides to help fight the ageing process, ivadore does not use any nasty chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. Ivadore is passionate about formulating products that PROTECT-SOOTHE-NOURISH & HYDRATE the skin all while achieving incredible results.

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