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Eco Care

Who - a business with heart

ECOCARE are truly a business with heart. Founded in the UK, they set up a foundation in 2013 to give back and improve the health of our environments, communities and population. This means that every time you purchase one of their products, 10cents AUD goes to charity. 

Why - they care for the environment and our skin

From their packaging to the ingredients that they use, their choices are made with intent. The Facial Cleansing Wipes are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, making them both natural and biodegradable. The packaging that they use is more environmentally friendly than any other wet-wipes packaging in the world. The Cardia Biohybrid™ packaging uses renewable content meaning less plastic and less oil. That’s less environmental impact and more sustainable. PLUS the Nothing but Raw Organic Coconut Oil is in a convenient and recyclable tub for bathroom or travel. Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed from the Solomon Islands, this pure oil is beautiful for use on your face and body.

What - delux wipes and yummy coconut oil

There are two versions of the Facial Cleaning Wipes: Organic Apple and Honey and Organic Rose and Chamomile. They are both designed to cleanse the skin of any unwanted build up of oil, and soothe and balance the skin at the same time. Heaven! We also wanted to stock the Raw Organic Coconut Oil because we just love using this ingredient for so many things, including oil pulling, as a cuticle moisturizer and even in our cooking! Enjoy.  

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