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DnA Elements

Who - a pharmacist and designer passionate about pure, organic and holistic living

DnA Elements was started by Danielle and Amanda, a pharmacist and designer both passionate about pure, organic and holistic living. Realising there was a gap in the skincare market for truly certified organic products without 'aqua' as the main ingredient, a collection for both babies and adults was researched and developed to fill this gap. 

Why - nature is the true mother of our health, anti-ageing and overall well-being

After years of study and research, both in the pharmaceutical and skincare industries, it became overwhelmingly obvious to Danielle and Amanda that nature is the true mother of our health, both internally and externally. With its abundance of potent botanical extracts packed with vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidants, it provides us with all we need for optimum skin health and their formulations have been developed based on this understanding. 

What - skin care and baby products

DnA Elements sources ingredients that are 100% certified organic and prepare their formulations in small batches for ultimate freshness. This process echoes one of their core beliefs that you need to be mindful, aware and intentional of what you feed your precious skin.

DnA Elements entire collection of baby products has been formulated based on their “holistic approach philosophy” using 100% certified organic ingredients and a small number of essential oils specifically selected for their individual therapeutic properties. The love using coconut, and this powerful ingredient features in every one of their baby products for its amazing healing and nourishing properties.

We can't wait to hear what you think of these gorgeous products. 

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