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Bite Beauty


Who - she saw a gap in the market (like us!)

BITE founder Susanne Langmuir began in the industry 12 years ago. She saw a void in the market for nourishing, natural lipsticks for the modern woman and realised focusing on high-performing, non-toxic lip products was the way to go. Derived from natural and food grade ingredients and created with the idea that lipstick application should enhance our natural beauty, not negatively affect our health. Each Bite lipstick delivers the antioxidant equivalent of five glasses of red wine to help restore and maintain youthful looking lips. Um, yum!

Why - our lips absorb what we put on them 

When lipstick is applied it gets absorbed into our skin. Bite believe lipstick should be edible, and so they use food grade colourants to create the high-pigment colours. They also use organic shea and fruit butters, instead of polybutenes and petroleum by products, to naturally create a luxurious feel. The packaging is also environmentally friendly. Bite Beauty say you don’t have to sacrifice performance for a product made from nature, in fact the range was designed by leading makeup artists.

What - safe, natural and gorgeous lip colours

If we choose lipstick that’s made of natural, food-grade ingredients, we won’t need to stress about how much of it makes its way into our mouths, because it will be completely safe—edible, even. So we chose a range of lipsticks for you to feel comfortable to enjoy. Our tip? The High Pigment Pencils. They are incredible!

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