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DnA Elements Cradle Cap Balm at Natural Supply Co

DnA Elements

DnA Elements Cradle Cap Balm


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DnA Elements Cradle Cap Balm combines a concentrated blend of organic extracts and oils to moisturise and loosen cradle cap flakes, whilst soothing and nourishing baby’s skin.

Directions: Apply a small amount to the scalp after an evening bath. Leave on overnight. Gently rub a cloth or a soft bristled baby brush to remove loosened pieces. Repeat daily until cradle cap clears.

Ingredients: Sourced from 100% certified organic ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil (scented), Olive Oil.

Size: 50g.

Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Results

What a beautiful product. Smells gorgeous, is easy to apply and most importantly, the results have been amazing. After the first application, the cradle cap started to flake away. Finally something that gives results. Thank you so much for this fabulous product.