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The Swag Produce Bags

Made from three different layers of 100% natural, unbleached and unseeded cotton, The Swag is your healthy solution to store your fruit and veggies in the fridge and keep them fresher for longer! This means it's great for your wallet and the environment, too. These beauties are non-toxic, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and machine-washable.

The first, robust outer layer of The Swag will protect your veggies and fruit by preserving water within the middle layer, stopping them from drying out too quickly.

The middle layer is thick and absorbent, holding the bulk of the moisture. This clever layer draws water away from the produce, yet allows it to hydrate as needed.

The third and inner layer of The Swag provides a dryer protection barrier to your produce; however, as all three layers are permeable, they each allow your fruit and veggies to breathe and stay Fresher for Longer!