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Terra Tonics Clean Collagen Serum


Organic Beauty Award 2021 Gold Award: Best Natural Retinol Treatment

Terra Tonics Clean Collagen Serum is a world leading innovation in plant-based skincare. It carefully combines natural retinol with collagen-promoting compounds derived from pure plant extracts.

Each ingredient is 100% active to stimulate collagen production.

It balances your natural oils, hydrating, reducing fine lines and repairing skin at the cellular level. The result? A plump and radiant complexion.

Why we love the Terra Tonics Clean Collagen Serum:

  • It contains 5 whole-plant extracts and nothing else. These plant compounds work on your skin as they would in the plant - healing, protecting and regenerating
  • Bakuchiol, natural retinol, gives you the results of retinol without any of the side effects
  • It helps to reduce and prevent fine lines
  • It promotes skin repair
  • No fragrances, harmful chemicals, fillers of any kind or even water, just the whole bio-active extracts from plants
  • It's suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone skin
  • It reduces pigmentation in the skin, aiding in luminosity and skin brightening and an overall improvement in your complexion
  • It helps to reduce sunspots and dark circles under the eyes

Directions:Apply 1-2 pumps to cover the face and 2-3 pumps to cover the entire face & décolletage. Apply to dry skin, before sunscreen. Use morning and night.

*Please do not use a moisturiser with Clean Collagen, as it will impair the bioactive ingredients.

Ingredients: Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime, Mountain Pepper Berry, Native River Mint, Bakuchiol 4% (natural retinol), Sodium Benzoate 2% (salt-based preserver).

Size: 30ml.

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Serum of moisturising angels

Maybe that’s a little over the top but this serum is beautiful. I find it’s a little heavier than other serums I’ve tried so I only need to use it once a day. After I’ve cleansed at night? I saturate my face in this serum of moisturising angels and I wake up with refreshed skin. Oh hail Terra Tonics

Katie Durst
Lovely and hydrating

I have been using this serum at night, and it feels extremely nourishing and hydrating. I would say I found it a bit too heavy to use for daytime wear, but if you’re looking for a one step night time routine - this will be perfect!

Elise Stanley
perfect product

its quick to absorb super hydrating but doesn't clog pours, again grateful it didn't inflame my sensitive skin but has some really positive results in making my skin feel plump and brighter.

Love how it makes my skin feel

I've been using this at night and love how my skin feels smooth and hydrated even in the morning. Really enjoying using this product!

Tiff Tippett
Fantastic serum

Love this serum. I use it at night and my skin is definitely more hydrated after using this. No moisturiser required so also a great one for travelling. Will continue to use this lovely serum