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ONNE Travel Pack online at Natural Supply Co


ONNE Travel Pack


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Exploring the world, or just exploring our collection for the first time? Then the tres chic ONNE Travel Pack is for you. Complete with the complexion cream, balancing body balm, clarifying cleanser and face towel this is a must-have to see and be seen with.

The ONNE Travel Pack contains:

- Clarifying Cleanser 50ml: A fabulously fresh face wash, the creamy coconut ONNE Clarifying Cleanser is designed to gently cleanse the skin.

- Complexion Cream 50ml: The luxurious, lightweight Complexion Cream smells as pretty as it will make your complexion. A breath of fresh air, the coconut cream is infused with vanilla accents that fit flawlessly with any beauty routine and its anti-ageing properties will assist with maintaining an age-less appearance.

- Balancing Body Balm 50ml: Replenish, rehydrate and reinvigorate your skin everyday with this Balancing Body Balm, combining a powerful blend of coconut, cocoa butter and aloe vera that works seamlessly to enhance your complexion.

- Face Towel: Warm and white, this chic monogrammed cotton cloth is ideal for refreshing, revitalising and removing makeup.

Valued at $78.

Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

This is a great way to trial the ONNE products! I would also purchase it for traveling too. The products didn't smell like I had expected them to. I thought they would smell more like coconut. They have an almost sweet smell, and over the time I enjoyed it more and more. Overall, it has made my complexion smooth (getting rid of some very small skin bumps/ issues) and I believe, has made my anti- age serum work more effectively. I have purchased the full sizes off the ONNE website already, as the cleanser was sold out here! Don't hesitate to give this set a go.
Clarifying Cleanser- VERY effective. I have not had a cleanser that makes my skin so squeaky clean. I am confident that this makes all my other products penetrate the skin more effectively. I cannot do without this now!
Complexion Cream- absorbs very quickly and gives a matt appearance. I found this to be just the right amount of moisture on top of my serum. This product will make your complexion glow.
Balancing Body Balm- absorbs as quickly as the complexion cream and leaves the skin soft and nourished. A small bit goes a long way. A beautiful body moisturizer for the summer!",