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Senda Essentials Plastic-Free Travel Essentials

Senda Essentials founders, 

Hayden and Carla, love to travel and recently went on a backpacking adventure in South East Asia, unaware of how life changing the experience was about to be. They were hit once again by the impact plastic has in countries where logistics of waste management and environmental education are not in place, but this time with wider eyes. They made a conscious effort to be part of the solution and change their daily habits to reduce single-use plastics, searching for the basic eco-friendly, zero-waste tools they were lacking and guess what… it wasn’t nearly as hard as it may look!

Realising the effects of these small efforts, the concept of Senda Essentials was born. Senda is not simply the products Hayden and Carla bring to you, it is the belief that we can all reap a better tomorrow with the conscious choices made today.     

This is The Path We Sow.