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Brightwood Hemp Body Exfoliating Glove

Made from 100% natural sisal, the Brightwood Hemp Body Exfoliating Glove tautens and clarifies skin tone, and is also completely biodegradable!

Using the Brightwood Deep Clean Sisal Massage Body Glove is like treating yourself to a luxury spa treatment at home. You can enhance your feeling of wellbeing by exfoliating daily to even out skin tone appearance, promoting radiant-looking skin.

Regular massage stimulates surface microcirculation, which can prevent skin blemishes and revitalise the skin.

TIP: Wet and apply your favourite soap or body wash for an invigorating, at-home spa experience.

Directions: Massage upwards in a circular motion towards the heart for 3-5 minutes. Rinse clean after each use and hang to dry in a well-ventilates area.

Made in Europe.