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ECO. modern essentials Lighten & Brighten Pigmentation Duo

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Improve pigmentation naturally with the ECO. modern essentials Lighten & Brighten Pigmentation Duo, containing two powerful serums: Certified Organic Pigmentation Serum & Vitamin C Serum.

- ECO. Pigmentation Serum 30ml (full-size): a safe, natural alternative to help improve areas of pigmentation or skin discolouration. It contains bergamot, lemon, sandalwood and rosemary essential oils to help brighten the skin complexion. Jojoba moisturises and calms sensitivity, which makes it a perfect serum for post-inflammatory pigmentation in acne prone skins.

- ECO. Vitamin C Serum 30ml (full-size): a powerful Vitamin C serum, rich in antioxidants and natural anti-ageing ingredients to revitalise and renew skin. The nourishing C Serum contains rosehip, milk thistle and sea-buckthorn to help reduce pigmentation and redness, while boosting elasticity, hydration and cell rejuvenation.

Directions: Apply serums to freshly cleansed, dry skin before moisturising. Apply C Serum in the morning and Pigmentation Serum in the evening, or alternatively layer serums both morning and night. 

Size: 2 x 30ml.

Made in Australia.


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