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Essential Well Being by Sara Panton

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Sara Panton is the co-founder of one of our favourite brands: premium essential oil company VITRUVI. In Essential Well Being, she shares her knowledge of botanicals and wellness practices to help you live more naturally and elevate the simple moments of your day.

Essential oils have been used in self-care practices for centuries. These small bottles of potent extracts can help you carve out simple (even secret) moments every day to reconnect with yourself, breathe deeper, sleep better, and restore energy.

In this modern guide, you will find more than 100 do-it-yourself essential oil recipes, rituals, and suggestions - most of which take less than 15 minutes.

Why we love Essential Well Being by Sara Panton:

  • The incredible recipes! Easy to make yourself at home, fun and economical
  • It guides you through ways to customise your beauty, body, and home routines, turning them into easy yet sophisticated wellness experiences
  • Learn how to create a custom face oil for your skin type; do a facial lymphatic massage; make a Mediterranean-inspired botanical foot soak; and blend unique essential oil diffuser aromas for your home
  • It encourages self care and natural rituals to practice in your home, and shares how to transform them into small spa moments that fill your cup back up.

Essential Well Being is a high quality hard-cover coffee table book, which makes a beautiful gift for yourself, or a loved one.

Published: 15 October 2019

ISBN: 9780735235854

Format: Hardback

Pages: 296

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and informative

This is a really beautiful, high quality book with great imagery and information inside. Would be a lovely gift for friends with an interest in essential oils, natural products or aromatherapy. I love mine!