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Hello Brows Brow Enhancing Oil at Natural Supply Co

Hello Brows

Hello Brows Brow Enhancing Oil


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We love Hello Brows! This brow oil has been formulated to encourage the growth of healthier, fuller-looking brows that shine... brow hairs that are full and healthy-looking, so we can all achieve that polished, youthful and fresh-faced look.

Understanding eyebrows

To better understand the brows, here is a quick review of the hair's growth cycle. Here are the phases of the eyebrow hair cycle. For eyebrows, the typical cycle is completed in around 4 months.

  • Anagen phase (active growing)
  • Catagen phase (growth stops)
  • Telogen phase (the hair is at rest)

When you lose one of your eyebrow hairs, it disrupts this growth cycle. Repeatedly losing or ripping out hairs in a certain area can stunt the growth cycle semi-permanently. The eyebrow cycle can be up to 4 months (That’s EACH hair that has been removed from the root) So, this will be a process that requires patience but will be well worth it in the end. With some help from Hello Brows, your brows can be expected to be growing back in no time!

So, how does Hello Brows work?

There are many reasons that eyebrows can become thin or stop growing. Factors such as poor nutrition, clogged pores, over plucking, hormones, various health conditions and age can cause progressive shrinking, or miniaturisation, of certain hair follicles and a shortening of the hair's growing cycle.

Over time, the active growth phase becomes shorter, growing smaller and finer hairs with each cycle. Eventually, there may be no growth at all. Hello Brows works by reactivating the hair growth cycle by reinvigorating the hair follicle and stimulating blood circulation to the area. The area is then supplied with a greater amount of blood, faster and healthier hair can grow. Once the hair begins to grow, Hello Brows continues to work by sealing the hair shaft and helping to protect the hair with an injection of Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids (these are essential for strong, healthy hair).

Directions: Apply to brows using the applicator at night time. Use every night for best results.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Moroccan Rosemary Oil, Black Castor Oil, Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Certified Organic Apricot Kernel Oil.

Size: 30ml.

Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Still early days

Still early days, but have noticed some regrowth, and the length . The excitement to see some growing back after years of nothing. Can't wait to see what my brows will be like after a month or so

It works

I have sparse, over-plucked brows (Mum warned me against plucking as a teenager - if only I'd listened!) and I have been using this every night for about 5 weeks. Brows are definitely filling in already and I can see fresh growth. It's SO hard not to pluck though!! Will continue to use and hopefully I will be able to completely regrow my patchy brows.