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Vitali You Restore Gut-Health Superfood Blend

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Vitali You Restore Gut-Health Superfood Blend contains six organic Australian plant ingredients, blended together to help assist gut function. 

It contains only organic banana resistant starch, inulin, lime juice, wheatgrass, ginger and monk fruit, which combine to create a tonic of probiotic and prebiotic cultures.

Restore Gut-Health Superfood may help to seal and heal your gut, and add a high nutrient boost for those of us who may not eat enough fruit and veggies.

It is made entirely from premium and organic Australian ingredients, and is vegan friendly. As an additional win, it is housed in sustainable (plastic free) packaging. Win!

Directions: Restore Gut-Health Superfood Blend can be taken once daily, Simply add one teaspoon to any smoothie, yogurt, cereal or dessert. 

Ingredients: organic banana resistant starch, organic inulin, organic lime juice, organic wheatgrass, organic ginger, organic monk fruit

Size: 150g (30 servings per pack).

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Happy customer!

I tried this superfood blend for the first time this afternoon and it mixed easily into my cold water! The taste is a tiny bit sour (by itself) but to combat that, I think blended into a smoothie would be untraceable!
Why I love it - It’s a beautiful rich green colour and it’s not diluted with ‘fillers’ and it’s all natural - not even any added sweeteners!
I would definitely recommend the Restore Mix to anyone looking to kick start their gut health journey or anyone wanting to add extra nutrients, quickly and effectively to their meals!


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