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2019 - the year of self care

Who else loves a fresh new year as much as we do?

It's not about setting goals or making resolutions that will be ditched by February (although we love that part, too!) - for us, a fresh new year is all about the uplifting thought that anything could happen this year. An abundance of love, great friendship, travel, good health... the things most people hope to enjoy every year. What happens in the actual year is kind of irrelevant; but the joy that this could be the year that manifests everything we work for - THAT is the joy, right there.

Here, we are sharing the natural goodies that might aid you if your goals for 2019 include working towards better health, making time for yourself and spending time with loved ones.

Enjoy, thanks for your wonderful support in 2018, and may 2019 bring all the good things we all hope for!

Lest & Sar xx