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Top 5 Zero Waste Products to Make a Big Impact

December 17, 2019 3 min read

Top zero waste products

I get asked all the time: what are the easiest ways to reduce waste?

We all know we should use a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, so I'm not going to mention those in this list (although you can read my blog on the best reusable coffee cups here).

Instead, in this article I am going to share my top five products which have had the biggest impact on reducing waste for our family.

Are you ready? In no particular order...

1. Reusable produce bags

Ever Eco Recycled RPET Mesh Produce Bags

If I'm just grabbing a couple of zucchinis or apples, I don't need to use a bag; but when you want beans, loose lettuce leaves, Brussel sprouts and the like, a reusable produce bag is essential.

I like these recycled plastic ones, but we also have organic cotton options available too.

You can check out our reusable produce bags here.

2. Reusable bread bags

Seed & Sprout Hemp Bread Bag

We have cut back on several single-use plastic bags a week, by buying our loaves of bread at the bakery and taking our reusable bread bag with us. Such an easy way to save (and the bread tastes better, too). It's also convenient, as bakery staff will slice the loaf directly into your bag for you. 

We use the 4myEarth reusable bread bag.

You can check out our range of bread bags here.

3. Reusable cling film/baking paper/al foil

Agreena wraps

Gone are the days of having a kitchen drawer packed full of boxes containing plastic wrap, baking paper and aluminium foil. Now we just have one set of Agreena 3-in-1 Wrap, and a set of the Seed & Sprout Baking Mats which can be used over and over and over and over and over again. Just chuck them in the washing machine to wash them all and they're like new again. 

You can use these in any way you would normally use the other three products - there is simply no waste. 

Check out the Agreena reusable wraps here.

4. Switching to a menstrual cup

Lunette Menstrual Cup

All I can say is: life changing. The number of friends who have messaged me something similar after trying a cup for the first time, too; seriously, it's crazy.

I've tried three cups over the years, and without hesitation, my favourite is the Lunette. I use the Model 2 (the rule of thumb is that this one is perfect for women over 30 and those who have had kids) and I could never, ever go back to tampons or pads. This is much more comfortable; you can leave it in for 12 hours (I need to empty it a couple of times on heavier days, though) AND it means you aren't throwing out the average 5,000 pads and 14,000 tampons used per woman in her lifetime. That is a LOT of sanitary items going to landfill.

Check out Lunette here; you won't regret it.

5. Shopping at bulk food stores

Seed & Sprout Bulk Food Bags

This is a biggie - we were able to reduce both food waste and endless plastic packaging, by taking our own containers to local bulk food stores and delis this year.

We use a mix of empty jars from things like passata, pickles, honey etc as well as the Seed & Sprout Pantry Jars. I also highly recommend the Bulk Food Bags (pictured above), which you can take instead of clunky jars, to refill items like oats, pasta, rice, grains - really convenient and lightweight (plus you can fit more in them!).

I also have a bonus zero waste tip for you because these are seriously worthwhile: reusable cotton rounds. These are a game changer if you usually use the disposable variety: plus they come packed in a mesh pouch which you can use to pop the bamboo rounds in, to put through the washing machine. WINNING.

I really hope this is helpful - as always, please comment below and let me know if you have any further questions or feedback, it is so appreciated and I love hearing from you!

Cheers to a greener future,

Lest xx

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