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Our top ten tricks for using lanolin

August 04, 2017 2 min read

Lanolips 101 Ointment

We love lanolin! This skin-loving ingredient acts as both a barrier and a hydrator; so it protects skin from the elements, while nourishing from within. Woo hoo!

Our top ten uses for lanolin

1. It makes the best lip balm - ever. We love the tinted versions from Lanolips too, for a little extra glam.

2. Little one suffering from teething rash? Lanolin makes a great dribble rash cream; plus it's clear and can be applied quite thickly, which is perfect before bedtime. It's completely safe if it gets inside their mouths, too.

3. Cracked and dry cuticles or heels? Not anymore. For extra nourishment, apply before popping on cotton cloves or socks and leave on overnight. Hello soft skin.

4. Lanolin is super soothing on itchy stretch marks. It's the perfect product to keep on hand during pregnancy - not just for your nippples!

5. Got a cold? Pop some lanolin just inside your nasal passages before bed to help heal any dryness and keep your skin looking fresh.

6. Taking care of scraped knees: as our kids get more adventurous, scraped knees and elbows are unavoidable. Lanolin offers a soothing, non-stingy barrier option to allow the skin to heal.

7. Fight the frizz when you're out and about - yep! Lanolin is from sheep’s wool, so this is as close to its intended use as you can get! Just rub a small amount between your hands (the warmer they are the better, to liquefy the lanolin) and apply to your hair as you would a hair oil or serum.

8. If you've nicked yourself when shaving, rub some lanolin onto the area. It will soothe the sting very quickly, plus help the cut to heal faster.

9. Nappy rash rearing its ugly head? Rub some lanolin on your little one's nether regions and see how quickly it clears up. The beauty of lanolin working as a barrier and skin hydrator really comes into its own with this one.

10. Got a stuck zip? Lanolin works as a great lubricant and will help make the zip run smoothly again.

Our favourite lanolin? The medical-grade Lano 101 Ointment; you can get yours here.

Do you have any other lanolin tips or tricks to add? Please share them below!

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