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Our top 9 apple cider vinegar health benefits

February 02, 2017 1 min read

We LOVE apple cider vinegar at Natural Supply Co, but none of us could stand drinking it straight (or even diluted with a bit of water). Yuck! So we fell over ourselves when we discovered the amazing TONIK Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules. Yep - ACV in a capsule. GENIUS.

And this is why we love to take ACV daily.

  1. It assists in toning, clarifying andclearing the skin

  2. It assists in reducing appetite and cravings (be gone, 3.30pm chocolate craving!)

  3. It assists with lowering bad cholesterol levels

  4. It can aid digestion

  5. It can kill many types of bacteria

  6. It can assist in aiding indigestion

  7. It assists in clearing a stuffy nose

  8. It assists in boosting energy

  9. Yes please - it assists to banish bad breath 

You can get your fab, Aussie ACV capsules here. Trust us - you'll be feeling better for it!

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