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Natural Supply Co's 'Auction for Aleppo'

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Natural Supply Co Auction for Aleppo


It was not long before Christmas when we first saw the photos coming out of Aleppo. You know the ones - children's faces covered in dirt and soot, the aftermath of bombs and war and devastation pasted all over their little bodies. It wasn't the dirt that worried us though, it was the shell shocked faces, the blank eyes. As if the children had to shut themselves down to be able to survive the horror that they were witnessing. The horror that no person should have to witness, let alone little children. 

At the same time, we were planning Christmas for our own children. It was the first time that Leila really knew what Christmas was about and she was super excited. It was also Charlie Bear and Remy's first Christmas earth-side so needless to say our children were showered in love and gifts throughout the holiday season and this made us feel very privileged and grateful, particularly in light of Aleppo. 

Thinking of the hundreds of thousands of children and families in Syria who are still struggling to survive without food, medicine and clean water, we were so amazed to hear about the wonderful work that Save the Children are doing on the ground in Syria and throughout the region.  

They are providing children and their families with life-saving assistance such as emergency care, shelter, protection, healthcare, clean water and warm clothes.

So Celeste rallied the troops and put out a call to action. We decided that we didn't want to just share another image. We didn't want to continue to lament over the injustice. We wanted to be useful. We wanted to give back. And we knew so many of you out there felt the same. 

Hence our Auction for Aleppo. 

Celeste donated a small amount to Save the Children and thought 'I wish I could do more.' And then realised - with 75 amazing brands, maybe we could collect donations from our suppliers and then auction them off to our green living-loving tribe! And what donations we have for you - we've added a list of all the incredible brands taking part below.

How it will work

- The auction will take place on our Natural Supply Co Instagram account on Wednesday 15 February, from 7-10pm. Images of auction items will be added throughout the day so you can see what is available and prepare your bidding list!

- The auction is open to Australian residents only and bidders must be 18 years and over to participate.

- All bids must be placed using a PayPal email address - this keeps things safe and secure.

- To bid on an item please comment on the individual item post with your price and PayPal email address. Your email is only needed for your first bid, you don't have to re-type this again with additional bids. Your bid must be higher than the previous bid; please make sure you check!

- Please read individual item posts carefully so that you know exactly what you are bidding on. Some images may include extra props, so make sure you understand what the auction item is.

- Auction will close at 10pm AEST. Bidding can continue until "CLOSED" is added to the comments on the item post.

- No negotiation will be entered into - the winning bid is final!

- The winning bidder will be responsible for postage costs (over and above their bid) - this means we can send the full auction amount to Save the Children. Costs will be kept to a minimum. Local pickup from the Geelong area is also possible and appreciated! If you win an item and prefer pick up, please comment after auction closes and we will arrange this.

- All winning bidders will receive an email explaining payment instructions. Payment is required within 24 hours of receipt.

- Please allow one week after payment for your item to be sent. We will send tracking details as soon as they are available.

How you can help: check out our Instagram account on Wednesday 15 February to see all of the wonderful products which have been donated by our amazing brands. You can then BID on the products you have to own - and 100% of the winning bids will be donated to Save the Children's Syria campaign.

So please amazing NSC community, please help us to spread the word by sharing this post, and bid on our auction if there are some items up for grabs that you would love for yourself, a friend or to pop in your present drawer.

Together, we can equip Save the Children with the resources they need to help those little children survive this war.

Incredible brands who have offered goodies for the NSC Auction for Aleppo:
Grown Alchemist Frank Green Little Bairn Love Ludie Hello Brows Babe Scrub Dr Bronner's Mia Hoyto Tangent GC {SIMPLE as that} Golden Grind Eco Tan Bondi Wash Jack & Jill ECO. modern essentials Hunter Lab WOTNOT Salus Body Woodlot O&M Original & Mineral Luk Beautifood La Mav ECOCARE Bellalu Scent of Byron Dumbo Feather Matcha Maiden Wellineux Soak Society Lani The Base Collective To the Heart & Back Butcher Baker Candle Co COCOOIL PHR Professional Bon Lux TOM Organic keeko Comme Co. PearlBar Terrible Twins Boracay TONIK Jacqueline Evans Ivadore W3LL PEOPLE Badger Balm.     

Comments on this post (1)

  • Feb 04, 2017

    Great Idea! A friend gave me handmade soap for Christmas, and made me try and guess what was special about it. It turned out to be soap from Aleppo. Quite something to be holding in your hand, thinking about where it came from and who made it. Love the auction idea and hope to participate!

    — Heather

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