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Lest's tropical beach holiday essentials

November 29, 2017 2 min read

I recently got back from a fab 2-week holiday in tropical Hawaii with my family. It was certainly a different experience taking a toddler (as opposed to our last Hawaiian holiday for our honeymoon!) but it was still fabulous.

Of course I overpacked, but there were certain products I used over and over and over again, and felt so glad I had with me. I thought I would share those here: my tropical holiday essentials!

Tropical holiday essentials

In no particular order...

1. Simple as That 100% Natural Sunscreen

Simple as That Sunscreen

We all used this everyday; no sunburn, for any of us, despite hours spent outside at the beach, pool and just wandering around. This is a summer essential in general, but an absolute must for a tropical holiday. I love that we can all use the same product, too.


2. Bondi Wash Stay Away Spray

With the tropics come mozzies - and I get big, red, itchy patches from mosquito bites, with the itching keeping me awake at night. Not ideal on holidays (or anytime, come to think of it). Enter the fab Stay Away Spray from Bondi Wash. This truly is the bees' knees. So effective and also safe for kids.


3. memobottle A6 bottle

memobottle A6

Perfect to keep in my bag when out and about; the bonus? It fits in the pocket of the aeroplane seat, an unexpected windfall!! 

BUY HERE (also available in A5 size)

4. MADARA Herbal Deodorant

MADARA Herbal Deodorant

I hadn't actually used this before the trip, but our supplier was out of stock of my usual fave (the LAVANILA Sports Luxe Deodorant stick) so I thought I would give this a burl. I was so impressed, I have repurchased it since. It's not sticky; dries quickly; and best of all, despite high temperatures and humidity - no body odour, whatsoever. My new favourite.


5. ONNE Complexion Cream

This lightweight moisturiser absorbs so well, hydrating the skin without any trace of heaviness. It was perfect for use day and night; I forgot to use it under my BB Cream one morning and really noticed the difference (and not in a good way!)

BUY HERE (also available in 100ml size)

6. O&M Surf Bomb Mini

O&M Surf Bomb

Hello relaxed, beachy, toussled hair! I have naturally wavy and frizzy hair, so I embraced it and left my hairdryer at home. A few spritzes of this onto wet hair in the mornings, and I was good to go. It leaves my hair smelling so good, too. The 50ml travel size is also a must for travel.

BUY HERE (also available in 150ml size)

Have you got a tropical holiday planned? I'd love to hear your essentials! Lest x

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