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  • Life with a newborn: Celeste's bedside table essentials
  • Celeste Robertson

Life with a newborn: Celeste's bedside table essentials


Wow, life with a newborn is hectic, and finding out what you need to keep on hand is quite a learning curve. From the change table, to the nappy bag, to your favourite feeding spot to your bedside table: when you are holding your sweet baby and trying to get him fed as painlessly as possible (in more ways than one), you don't want to have to get up to grab things you need.

Here is my list of essentials to keep by the bed for those hideous middle-of-the-night feeds.

1. Little Bairn Sleepy Time Nursery Spray: I read that creating a bedtime ritual can help babies understand that it's time to sleep. I spritz this gorgeous spray above Charlie's bassinet before putting him down; I think it helps me get back to sleep too! It's a really lovely product and the scent lasts quite well.

2. Lavender-scented eye pillow: Sarah gave Cath and I each one of these lovely eye pillows when Remy and Charlie were born; it was something she said really helped her when Leila was a baby. Now I can lie on my back again (hooray!) the eye pillow helps to soothe my tired, sore eyes and the lavender scent also helps me to drift off to sleep. It's a bonus that it helps black out the room so it's completely dark again.

3. Cloud night light: I try not to switch on my bedside light when I grab Charlie from his bassinet and bring him in to bed to feed. I want to try and keep the room as dark as possible in the hope that it will help him go straight back to sleep as soon as he's been fed. It seems to be working! I got this sweet little light on sale from Growing Footprints, but I've also seen a similar version at K-Mart.

4. VITRUVI Sleep Aromatherapy Oil: I'm telling you - I will use everything I can to transition back to a lovely, deep sleep in between feeds. This little gem from VITRUVI is a keeper.

5. WOTNOT Travel Wipes: Perfect for cleaning up little vomits, wiping milk off my top when Charlie dribbles it out, wiping my hands if they need it: these are true essentials. 

6. Lanolips 101 Ointment: I use this on my lips, nipples and also on little dry patches Charlie has on his eyebrows. This is another holy grail, must-have-everywhere-I-sit-in-the-house type product.

7. Ribbonties hair tie: A lovely friend in Geelong runs this fabulous business, and their hair ties are the best (plus they are comfortable on my wrist - and they look good! - when not being used). I always have one by the bed because sometimes I just need my hair off my face when I am feeding.

8. Babe Scrub Wild Hand Cream: Pumps are essential with a baby - it's so hard to screw off a lid and put it back on with one hand! I love how this hand cream looks next to my bed, and I love how quickly it sinks into my hands with very little scent. My hands are SO DRY with the amount of washing I am doing with Charlie, so I try and pop this on at least once every night to keep them in somewhat reasonable shape.

9. My first Mother's Day card: Charlie was born eight days before Mother's Day this year, so it was the biggest treat to celebrate my first Mother's Day with such a sweet little baby! Cam wrote me the most gorgeous card (I cried reading it) and I keep it by my bed as a little reminder of how glorious this whole new-baby situation is, when I am feeling tired and over it during late night (or early morning!) feeds.

Have I missed anything? Please share your essentials below!

  • Celeste Robertson

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