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How to contour like a Kardashian... naturally!

August 28, 2018 2 min read

Love or loathe them, the Kardashian Klan have their manicured fingers in many pop culture pies and so let’s look at a makeup technique they have brought to the fore....the art of contouring. Or should that be kontouring?! 

However, one thing the Kardashians have never been known for is being ‘natural’ and we know they get the contoured look using products brimming with all the usual nasties. 

So we thought we would show you the better way to contour, naturally. Get that defined, chiselled look and contour the sh!t out of your jawbone, but do it without the khemicals. 

Our super favourite makeup brand Inika Organic has come up with some gorgeous little palette kits that will make your dreams of killer cheek bones a reality. The bonus being you can pat yourself on the back in a self-congratulating, Kanye type of way for using makeup that is organic and better for your skin, especially for those of us with sensitivities. 

INIKA contour duo

How to Contour using the Inika Baked Contour Duo

If you want an easy ‘I’ve spent a week in St. Bart’s’ glow, just dust the darker contour shade over your forehead, eyelids, cheeks and chin. 

If you want to get a bit more sculptural and angular, dust the contour shade along the hollows of the cheek and sides of your nose. Then under each side of your chin and your neck. Lastly the tip of your nose for the final touch. 

So you’ve contoured up a storm. Now don’t forget to highlight. This is equally important as whilst the contour creates the shadow, you need the highlights to keep the balance. 

The easy way to know which bits to highlight is to think about which parts of the face are the first to get a touch of the sun, the high planes of your face. Apply the illuminisor in a stroke down the centre of your nose, the mid part of your brow bones, the high part of your cheekbones under your eye, the middle of your chin and on the Cupid’s bow of your lip under your nose. 

Don’t worry if you’ve gone a little Bruce, or should I say Caitlin, with your powder, buff your face lightly with a clean brush to reduce the intensity. You can have a look at our range of vegan makeup brushes here. 

The Inika contour duo comes in two options to cater for different skin tones. The lighter Almond is for fairer skin and Teak is for medium to dark skin. 


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