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Ethical Kris Kringle gifts to give this Christmas

October 28, 2019 3 min read

Ethical Kris Kringle gifts

We're all getting more and more mindful as each year passes about the crap that gets given at Christmas time. Masses of cheap and nasty wrapping paper that can't be recycled; garish plastic toys that break on the first or second play and end up in landfill within the month; the poisonous chemical-filled perfume that was on clearance for $15 at the chemist, and will end up getting chucked in the bin.

But it doesn't have to be that way - and buying cheap and cheerful Secret Santa, Kris Kringle or teacher gifts doesn't have to mean buying stuff that no one actually wants.

So, I've put together a little guide to share ethical, eco friendly gifts that your friends and family will actually enjoy; plus, they're all under $30. 

I hope this helps you shop more mindfully this Christmas.

Love, Lest x

Secret Santa gifts for tea lovers

The Swag Tea Swag

Who doesn't love a good cup of tea? We stock the amazing Love Tea; ethically sourced, all organic, and plastic-free. You can choose from tea bags or loose leaf; and if budget permits, you can add a set of organic cotton Tea Swags, pictured above, or a Tea Infuser.

Kris Kringle gifts for the keen gardener

Kris Kringle gifts for gardeners

The Swags are revolutionary! These triple-layered organic cotton bags keep veggies fresh in your fridge for 3-4 times longer, and they seriously work. We've banished limp celery for good!

Best of all, there are a bunch of sizes available and they start from $19.95. 

Gifts for dog lovers

Bondi Wash Dry Shampoo for Dogs

We ALL know someone who is obsessed with their fur baby, right? Something tells us they will love the amazing doggie products from Bondi Wash, like the Dry Shampoo for dogs (at $15 this is an ideal Kris Kringle gift!); or maybe the zero waste dog shampoo bar from Ethique.

Gifts under $20 for the coffee addict


We cannot tell you how fabulous the new HuskeeCups are: and we reckon they will make the gift under $20 of the season. Made from coffee husks, a by-product from coffee making, they save hundreds of tonnes of the stuff from landfill.

TIP: get these for your kids' teachers!

There are three sizes to choose from and they're all under $20. You're welcome.

Gifts for Eco Warriors

These little cuties are what we will be gifting our aunts this Christmas: nifty little Food Huggers from Seed & Sprout, which are life preservers for the half eaten, or half used fruits and veggies in your household.

These cute and effective little huggers embrace fruit and veggies of all shapes and sizes, with no plastic involved. Its plastic-free silicone seal helps to keep your leftover produce fresher for longer than cling wrap, plus you can use these forever. Half eaten doesn't mean forgotten any longer! 

We also highly recommend the Reusable Cling Wrap set and the Reusable Stretch Lid set.

Kris Kringle gifts for the avid traveller

Bondi Wash Deluxe Travel Box

Hide your disappointment that it's not YOU going on a 3-week European sojourn over the summer, and give your travelling mate something that shows you love then AND you listen to their tales of wanderlust: a travel-friendly essential or two. They might even bring back a little souvenir for you.

We recommend the Bondi Wash Travel Travel Box, containing three nifty products for $30, or The Skin Kitchen Deep Sleep Roll On to bring on sleep, wherever they are.

Gifts for the busy Mum

Project Ten bags

Perfect for the busy Mum, Project Ten bags are available in a range of prints and sizes. They're endlessly useful - for the shopping, the kids' swimming bag, nappy bags, beach bags, overnighters and so much more. Best of all, they're made from recycled plastic bottles - saving them from landfill, and the entire range is under $30 (with the mini zip bags at just $9.95).

A little something for a teenage girl


How hard is it to buy something small for teenagers? We've got you covered with the on-trend RibbonTies; hair tie bracelets in fun patterns and colours. These are also perfect for putting in the post, as they will fit in a standard envelope.

Still need help getting your gifts sorted? We'd LOVE to help! Check out our Gift Concierge service here. 

You can also browse our huge range of Kris Kringle gift ideas under $30 here.

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