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Can perfumed products cause cancer?

Lavanila the Healthy Fragrance

Confession: when I was in my teens I was completely obsessed with the perfume 'Happy'. Strangers would stop me in the street to ask what scent it was... and yes I applied it liberally! But funnily enough, I started getting headaches from it - and not just that brand or type of fragrance. Indeed, my mum also can't stand perfume and ever since launching Natural Supply Co and doing loads of research I'm finally understanding why it upsets a lot of people.

Chemicals. Loads of them. Pushed into a bottle, and one not sufficiently labelled.

An amazing book is being launched this week and it delves into the whole perfume saga to really examine: can perfume cause cancer?

As author Kate Grenville discusses, many many ingredients included in every day fragrances include carcinogens - ingredients that have been linked to cancer. Whilst not enough research has been done yet (and Kate reviews why in the book) it's clear that perfumed products could be doing serious damage to our health, hormones and even breast milk.

So that's it - I've officially broken up with commercial perfume. Done. But you still want to smell amazing right? Don't worry, we've got you covered with a small but amazing array of perfumes made using natural ingredients that will still get you stopped in the street (trust me, the Lavanila perfume is a favourite).

But what about other products that include fragrances?

From the products that you wash your dishes with, to body lotions, to the products that clean your clothes, be conscious of the ingredient list. We love products that use oils for fragrance, such as orange peel oil, avocado oil, juniper berry oil etc. We also love butters that fragrance products, such as shea and coconut butter.

To help you shop safely, we list all our products ingredients on our website, but you can also contact us with any questions about the ingredient lists, we love learning more and more each day in a bid to truly clear our lives of unnecessary chemicals.

Tell us, did you have a favourite perfume that you've had to part ways with? Are you now fragrance free or rocking a natural scent?

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