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All you need to know about DermaRolling

February 04, 2019 2 min read

Have you been wondering what the deal is with DermaRollers? We've had a chat with Lonvitalite founder Rochelle Bridge, to find out everything you want to know about this cult beauty ritual.

Lonvitalite DermaRoller


NSC: What does a DermaRoller do?

Rochelle: Depending on the size of the needle derma rolling is an at home treatment similar to Skin Needling that is a popular treatment in salons however being able to use on a regular basis from home and the results speak for themselves.

Tiny titanium needles penetrate the surface of skin creating micro channels which encourages product absorption to increase its effectiveness by up to 40%. The varying needle lengths can help to target a wide range of skin concerns from dead skin build up and stretch marks to cellulite and fading of scars. Shorter needles, 0.25mm-0.5mm, are used for delicate skin on your face and longer needles, 1.5mm, are useful for tougher skin on the body.

NSC: Who should use a DermaRoller?

Rochelle: The benefit of the Derma Roller is this is amazing for a vast range of people, from teenage skin congested and needing help to people with acne scaring and older clientele that are wanting to aid in anti ageing with the Collagen Induction Therapy. Both Men and women so it is an amazing tool all round.

NSC:Is it safe to use?

Rochelle: Yes absolutely! The Lonvitalite roller is the first TGA approved roller in Australia.  Although the sound of needles sound scary to some it is not painful and very safe to use as an at home device.

NSC: Which DermaRoller is best for me?

Rochelle: Depending on your skin concerns and if you have had skin needling or used a DermaRoller before, our Micro Derma Roller 0.30mm is a great place to start for first time users. This is a great size for you and your skin to get use to rolling and your skin to get use to the process.

NSC: Is it painful?

Rochelle: Not at all, needles sometimes scare people but there is no need to be it is a light tingling sensation but not uncomfortable at all.

NSC: How often should I use my DermaRoller?

Rochelle: We recommend 2-3 times per week to start and then as you get comfortable you can add more often. Again this depends on your specific skin concern and the needle size of choice.

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