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A Natural Supply Co take on a Kmart hack

July 21, 2016 2 min read


My colour obsession with Natural Supply Co pink Kmart!

Cath, Celeste and I have been all over Kmart's home offerings of late. Well, we like to refer to it as House of K to give it a certain je ne sais quoi . They have some great things to update your home without breaking the budget. A few weeks ago, I was wandering through the homewares section and ended up in childrens' shoes. 

I was vaguely looking for anything of interest for my three year old daughter when I spied some rose gold loveliness in the teen girls section. Could I fit into a girls size 5 sneaker I wondered? I am normally a womens size 38 but it seems I am also a teen girl size 5!

The laces the shoes came with originally (not shown in this photo) were a boring beige colour, very Homeyped looking. Not at all in keeping with the rest of the shoe's aesthetic but no matter, I decided I could do something about that. Not sure what, but I would work something out as the price of $15 was too tempting.

I had seen some dusty rose leather hi-top sneakers with silk laces by Lanvin on one of the many designer vintage sites I trawl. I figure buying vintage is a good way to shop sustainably and a tad more economically. But I digress, back to House of K and my orthopedic laces. So where do you go for beautiful, preferably French silk ribbon if you are in Geelong? The Lily Pond of course!

I bought the silk ribbon shown in the picture and you can see it's more of a fairy floss pink than a dusky or rose gold pink but it was the closest I could get. Hmm, what to do?

A flashback to dip-dying pirate treasure maps in tea leaves as an eight-year old. Tea is something I have in abundance at my house. So out came the T-Totaler English Breakfast Tea jar  - proudly stocked by Natural Supply Co of course - a few teaspoons in a big glass mixing bowl full of boiling water, leave the silk in for a couple of minutes and voilá, dusky pink shoe laces. 

I would normally say that our T-Totaler tea is better saved for restorative cups of tea, but in this case it helped turn House of K into a little bit of Lanvin, for about $25. 

Sarah x

P.S the dusky pink fur rug is from House of K as well, faux naturally.

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