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Tips from the CEO of the League of Extraordinary Women on how to deal with ‘one of those weeks'

We love this post from Sheryl Thai - CEO of The League of Extraordinary Women and Founder of Cupcake Central - so much that we had to share it with you!

Sheryl Thai - image from The League of Extraordinary Women

Hello Murphy’s Law, we meet again. You start the week off peachy and optimistic. You say to yourself, this week I’m going to kick some major goals. Then things start to go downhill. Plans fall apart. Unexpected events happen. You get complaints. Someone criticises your work. You lose sleep. All you start hearing are problems, problems, problems.

On the surface, I may have seemed ok this week, but deep down all I felt was as if I was slowly drowning in stress. I’m still stressed right now as I write this. However, I have recognised how I’m feeling, which is overwhelmed. Over years of practise I now know this is temporary and that I have the ability to change my state. These are some of the techniques I whip out when I need to get myself back on top of the game and I hope some of you will find this helpful.

  1. THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING - contrary to what the crazy voice in your head is saying to you, the world is not going to end, you are not a failure and you are not stupid. There is a solution to every problem and a silver lining if you look hard enough.

    I received a complaint this week which really caught me off guard. I knew I had dropped the ball and felt as though I was an absolute failure. I started to question myself if was the right person to do this job. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and crawl into a great hole of darkness, I reached out to one of my mentors that I hadn’t caught up in a very long time. She was understanding and believed in me. We had some very insightful conversations on how I could grow as a person and run this company better. I searched for that silver lining.
  1. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED - You might be thinking, WHY did I decide to start this business, why did I choose to take on this responsibility? I would have a stress free life if I just worked for someone else and at 5.30PM on Fridays, I’ll be out the door and free from these problems over the weekend. Don’t be silly. You know the answer to why you started. Now go dig up your journal or stare at your vision board to remind yourself exactly what your purpose is.

    For me, I reminded myself that I’m changing the world. Changing the world is not easy and not everyone wants to do it. The sacrifice will be worth it because I’ll be living my life’s purpose. I’m here to serve other females on their journey of business and entrepreneurship. I am enough.
  2. RECOGNISE YOUR FEELINGS - This seems like a no-brainer. Well of course I know how I’m feeling. I’m feeling like shit. No, that’s not what I mean. I'm talking about digging deeper into the truth. Ask yourself questions to get there. This is why I love journalling so much because it’s as if you’re talking to yourself minus the psychotic scene of you physically conversing with yourself (but if that works for you, go ahead). The next part seems a bit cray cray but give it a go before you knock it.

    After I write about the problem and how/what/why/where I'm feeling pain, I take a few moments to breathe and maybe meditate. I then come back to my journal and pretend to be a stranger reading over what I wrote. It gives me an objective view on what I was going though and most times it makes me realise it’s actually not all that bad. The sky isn’t falling and I'm going to be okay.

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