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Blog post - I Shall Shop Spring Beauty Box Review

November 01, 2015 2 min read

Blog post shared from Kimberlie at I Shall Shop blog.

I recently received my first beauty box from theNatural Supply Co, and I couldn't be happier!The box is seasonal, costs $36.95, and is valued at over $65.Want to know what's in it? Well, here it is...

Natural Supply Co Spring Beauty Box

Image via Kimberlie at I Shall Shop

You get 8 natural products, and like most beauty boxes, it comes with a card that details the contents. As you can see, it has a nice, varied selection--and no fake tan--which is a pleasant surprise for a Spring beauty box!

The lip/cheek stain looks scarily dark in the pan, but it sheers out nicely! I've been on a bit of a BB cream kick lately, so I was very pleased to see this organic sample--hopefully the colour will work for  me.

I haven't tried the mask (or any mask where you add water), but i'm hoping this means it will last longer. The green tea is also interesting--it's ground so you can use it as tea, or add it to smoothies, masks etc. I don't normally drink green tea, so I like that this one can be used in different ways.

I'm yet to try the body milk or the hand sanitiser, but i'm glad that these everyday products have been included.


Next is an exfoliant and a sleep balm. I have a toddler, so anything that promotes sleep is a winner with me!

Overall, i'm delighted with this box. It seems like the products have been carefully selected and covers all bases. I also like that the majority of the brands are new to me--I am only (slightly) familiar with Dr Bronner's and Badger. 

Did I need another beauty box? No. Am I glad this I bought this one? Hell yeah!  This box is limited edition (only 75 made), so if you're interested I suggest youact fastOh, and shipping is free with the code SBB

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