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5 ways to beat the winter skin blues

Winter is coming.

What’s good about it?

Open fires, wearing fluffy slippers, beanies becoming acceptable head wear, red wine - preferably sipped whilst in front of afore-mentioned fire.

What’s bad about it?

Freezing mornings, having to get out of bed, grey rainy skies but most of all winter skin. We hate winter skin. We hate when you take your stockings off and your legs look like someone sprinkled dessicated coconut over them. We hate dull, pasty complexions.

So here are our top 5 tips to keep your skin healthy during winter:

1. Switch to an intensive, winter-strength body moisturiser

Image from Jacqueline Evans

Do it now, while it’s still autumn to prepare your skin before the full force of winter hits. Or if you’re not using a body moisturiser, now is the time to start. Use it particularly around your elbows, knees, ankles and don’t forget the back of your hands. It will save you from looking down at your body and wondering how your legs grew turtle skin or why you suddenly have witch’s hands. For our options for body moisturisers click here. I have been loving Jacqueline Evans Grapefruit and Bergamot Body Cream. I like that it’s in a pump pack so I can easily apply it after I get out of the shower. It smells citrus-fresh and the bergamot reminds me of a nice warm cup of Earl Grey tea.

2. Start using a facial oil or serum after cleansing at night - even if you have oily skin - yes really

Image from ECO. modern essentials

Don’t be fooled into believing the myth that you can’t use a facial oil/serum if you have oily skin. It just isn’t true. Your skin loves oil. If you keep trying to dry it out by avoiding oils, it will keep producing more and more oil because it thinks it is dry. This is because you are stripping it of its inbuilt moisturising balancing system. If you apply oil, your skin will absorb what you are applying and won’t produce anymore than it needs. Your skin will thank you for replenishing it with moisture while you sleep, especially if you have been sandblasting it with the aircon on full heat all day.

We have lots of serums to choose from at Natural Supply Co but a good and affordable place to start is Eco.Modern Essentials Organic Coconut Oil. It is full of simple, naturally hydrating and healing ingredients - coconut oil, camellia oil, evening primrose oil, rosemary and vanilla. That’s it. Your skin will be soft as a petal and you’ll smell like a flower. No more wilting.

3. Remove dead skin with an exfoliating body scrub

Image from Salus Body

Shed your snakeskin with a gentle exfoliant. This will remove the dead layers and prepare the skin underneath for moisturising. It is a good thing to do on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Or if you’re like me, just when you remember. You can easily make your own sugar scrub like this one from the Wellness Mama blog. Or if you’re like Cath and can’t be bothered with all that DIY stuff, try the scrub she loves  - Salus Eucalyptus and Rosemary Purifying Body Scrub. It gently exfoliates with pumice and bamboo powders, But it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin as it is gel-based and contains aloe vera. Other scrub options here.

4. Fake the glow

When all else is lost, use fake tan. It will do wonders in making you feel like you are fit to be seen in public. It covers a lot of sins. We love our Eco Tan and Ivadore here at Natural Supply Co as they have a great options for achieving a natural looking tan minus nasty chemicals. Celeste has beautiful porcelain skin but when she’s feeling ghostly and camouflaging into white walls she uses Ivadore's Tanning Treatment. It does double duty with its hint of tanning and moisturising powers.

5. Drink herbal tea

Image from T Totaler Tea

Keeping internally hydrated is perhaps the most important thing during winter. But if you’re like me and find it hard to drink water in the winter, try a cup of herbal tea. It won’t dehydrate you like black tea or coffee will and it will warm your cockles. A good herbal tea will help your body flush out toxins as well as keeping your skin clear. Granted it won’t wake you up in the morning, but even if you replace your afternoon caffeine with herbal it’s a good start. Try T Totaler’s organic Lemon and Ginger tea for a zesty, warming alternative.

Hope this helps.

Sarah x

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