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Meet Belinda Everingham: Founder of Bondi Wash

July 14, 2015 2 min read

NSC: Who is behind your seriously cool brand?

There is quite a big team of dedicated people behind the brand. Bondi Wash was founded not that long ago really - we launched in November 2013 - and is still run by me. There are so many people across Australia who help create our products. From Derek who supplies us with beautiful Tasmanian essential oils, and Steve who prints our bottles, through to Lisa and Julia in the warehouse who pack our deliveries with love and care, we have a really strong network of people who are important to Bondi Wash. Here in Sydney, our team includes Lauren Davidson running Marketing and Julia Warnock designing our packaging and branding and Josiah, taking all our beautiful images.

We now have wonderful partners in quite a few overseas countries and we involve them in many aspects of the brand as well including new scents and new products. For example, our HK Brand Manager Porsche has been testing out some of our new products on her pets.  

NSC: How did you come up with the idea to create the Bondi Wash range?

It was actually an ‘aha’ moment, holidaying in Queensland, surrounded by Australian native flora that I had never heard of, while at the same time reading the novel Perfume by Patrick Susskind.  It struck me that Australia could create something special from their native plants – just like the French have done with perfumes and cosmetics based on their native flora. Then returning to Sydney I was blown away by the range of beautiful Australian botanicals that are being extracted, or being researched, many of which I had not heard of, and all with amazing properties.

NSC: Why did you decide to stock with Natural Supply Co?

We are very, very particular about the people we work with – including stockists.  We look for stockists with something special – both in terms of a beautiful aesthetic but also in their philosophy, culture and service.  We don’t take on many online only stores at all, but we loved the focus on ‘natural’ that the Natural Supply Company has – along with their passion and attention to customer service.

NSC: What type of world do you want to live in?

I get so disappointed with aspects of corporate behaviour these days – shrinking pack sizes thinking the consumer won’t notice, using poor quality materials to create products that don’t last or pushing misleading marketing practices about ingredients.  We want to create a brand people really trust for doing the right thing  – from the quality and integrity of ingredients through to how we treat our customers, suppliers and retailers.  We would love to see people buying less but buying quality – creating less environmental waste and reducing the impact on both our health and the health of the planet.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, featuring another fabulous innovator behind the brands we stock at Natural Supply Co.

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