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Meet Sara Panton: Co-Founder of VITRUVI

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NSC: Who is behind your delicious brand?

Hah! Love that you described it as delicious! My brother Sean and I came up with the brand and the concept two years ago. 

NSC: How did you come up with the idea to create VITRUVI?

The idea for VITRUVI started very organically while I as in medical school and started learning about the science of scent.  I wanted to start weaving the benefits of aromatherapy and scent into my day but couldn't find a company or product line that I identified with that had a cool collection of products that met the needs of my modern day.  I wanted something young and natural that I could make my own at home but still felt luxurious. We started a simple blog and mixing and designing products at home, Sean built the website and from there it just continued to grow. 

NSC: Why did you decide to stock Natural Supply Co?

You are just awesome!  You carry incredible brands from around the world that I admire, you understand a the needs of the modern woman who wants to look chic but also use natural products that are good for her and the environment. 

NSC: What type of world do you want to live in?

A world where women feel empowered by taking care of themselves and feel fearlessly confident about their exploring their personal potential.  

Stay tuned for our next blog post, featuring another fabulous innovator behind the brands we stock at Natural Supply Co.


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