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Our favourite uses of chamomile

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Over 70 of our products contain the amazing natural ingredient chamomile. So what is it (apart from a yummy tea!) and why do the designers of our amazing products love using it? 

A powerful plant with many uses

Chamomile is a low-growing annual herbaceous plant that is cultivated world wide because of its amazing powers. The word chamomile is derived from the Greek 'chamos' which means ground, and 'melos' which means apple because of the apple scent of its fresh blooms. 

Chamomile is used a gazillion ways - such as an anti-inflammatory (when applied topically to the skin) and even to dry out and heal dermabrasion from tattooing. 

In the recent Wellbeing magazine (issue 156), it was reported that chamomile creams have been found to be as effective as hydrocortisone creams for neurodermatitis and inflammatory skin conditions and eczemas. 

So that's why so many of our products contain chamomile, such as the HURRAW! vegan Moon Balm lip balm, Grown Alchemist Chamomile, Bergamot & Rosewood Body Cleanser, Mukti Organics Balancing Foaming Cleanser, RICA Naturica Soothing Relief Shampoo, and so many more.

From body creams to shampoo and conditioners, chamomile is a favoured ingredient by the designers of our products. 

We absolutely love the Jacqueline Evans Chamomile & Walnut Scrub, which is perfect for the face and neck. It removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and encourages cellular renewal, allowing better absorption of creams.

Another favourite is the Nilly + Booth's Comfrey Chamomile Organic Face Tonic, infused with soothing and healing botanicals to calm and tone the skin, minimising pores and balancing the skin's natural pH to prepare it for hydration. It also calms redness and irritation while moisturising the skin. This revitalising skin tonic is designed for use after cleansing or for a refreshing skin pick me up throughout the day.

And another product that we love giving as a gift to new parents is the Little Bairn Sleepy Time Nursery Spray, which offers a calming mist of lavender and roman chamomile to calm and soothe baby before sleep. The spray carries only a gentle scent to ensure it is not too overpowering for a baby's delicate senses. You can spray the nursery and bedding to help prepare your little one for the land of nod and it's also great as a cleansing nappy spray or a hydrating face mist for mum.

Which is your favourite way to use chamomile? Do you have any tea or poultice recipes for us to share? 

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