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Matcha Magic!

Matcha is simply pure green tea leaves, which have been ground down into a powder. We stock the Mix-n-Matcha blend from Matcha Maiden, which is Japanese-certified organic and sourced from the renowned Uji region of Japan. Traditionally, matcha is a ceremonial tea but Matcha Maiden designed her blend so you can mix and match(a) it with all sorts of healthy food and drinks.

Matcha powder is relatively new to the mainstream market, so don't worry if you don't know much about it. Even we were a bit late to the matcha party – matcha powder has been consumed for centuries throughout Asia for its powerful properties. It is traditionally consumed in Japan as part of the tea ceremony. Like most things that have stuck around for nearly 900 years, matcha has many potential benefits that Buddhist monks have been reaping since long before tea-toxes (tea detoxes, if you're not up with the lingo) or even tea bags (yep, that long ago) were a thing… As we said, we’ve just been a bit slow on the uptake. But with the meditative, mind-focusing possibilities of matcha, slow we shall be no more!

To put it simply, matcha is green tea 2.0 – the hero of health in the tea world. It is 100% natural green tea leaves stone ground down into a fine powder. Matcha tea bushes are grown specially under cover which significantly increases the chlorophyll and amino acid levels in the leaves. 

And, best of all... matcha can have up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea!!!

As matcha is stronger in its hit of health, it is also stronger to taste so less is needed per serve. Matcha Maiden’s matcha has been selected through extensive taste-testing to get that perfect matcha flavour with a delicate balance. It can be added to taste, depending on how matcha-mad you are.

We're going to be sharing lots of great recipe and usage ideas for Matcha on our Instagram and Facebook pages so watch out and get inspired to boost your health this winter.  

You can click here to buy Matcha Maiden Matcha Green Tea Powder now.

Have you tried Matcha yet? How do you use it?


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