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None of our products are tested on animals, so how do we know they work?

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Proudly cruelty-free

For a product to pass the rigorous Natural Supply Co test and be stocked in our beautiful online shop, it has to harness the power of natural ingredients, the packaging needs to be eco-friendly and it must be cruelty free.

We are strictly against animal testing of any kind. 

So how do we know our products work? 

Firstly, when our products are made and created they are tested by the designers themselves. We're ok with human testing!

Secondly, when the products are delivered to our door, we try them out - we love deliveries and can't keep our hands off our products, that's why we order them!

Thirdly, and most importantly, our products harness the power of natural ingredients, which means that they don't contain lots of chemicals and crap. This means that the recipes tend to be much simpler and the resulting product just doesn't need to be tested again and again.

Sure, we all have sensitivities and yes you may need to try things out carefully at first to see how your skin reacts to even the most natural of product - but because the designers of our products are so passionate about choosing the purest ingredients and because they too are against animal cruelty, there is simply no need to be using animals to test out our delicious range. 

But unfortunately, beyond the doors of our online shop, you just can't be too sure

Time and time again we are just so shocked and astounded to read the still too long list of big beauty brands that test on animals. It's actually distressing to read about all the animals currently being utilised in labs for the benefit of our vanity. Here is a link to a 16 PAGE document created by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which names the beauty companies that DO still test on animals, so you can check for your favourite brands and see how they measure up.

Enough is enough. Take a stance with us and advocate with your pennies: only buy cruelty-free products. 

And whilst you're advocating against animal testing, also consider the products that you're putting down the drain - are they chemical free and safe for our waterways? Do you clean your shower with a product safe enough for your pets if they happen to take a lick? There are so many safe options for you to choose from now so do what we do and #switchtosafe !!

Do you check to see if products are cruelty-free? Are you shocked, like us, that animal testing still occurs? 



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