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Our Health Crush

As you've probably figured out by now, we are slightly obsessed with social media (Celeste even runs a business, Fox & Bear Digital Marketing, helping people understand its power!). One of the great things about Instagram is being able to connect with the recently reinvigorated health community (check out these hashtags for inspiration: #wholefoods #iqs #jerf #eatclean #strongnotskinny). 

We love finding and connecting with so many awesome people – even people interstate and overseas. One particularly amazing woman is Katherine Beresford (@KBsugarfree) and we’ve been stalking her Insta feed for some time now. Why? Her recipes, her zest for better alternatives (when it comes to food and beauty) and her inspiring story about how she managed to find a healthy way of eating even when living on campus at university – proving that there is really never an excuse not to put your health first. 

Despite her youth (maybe because of it!) Katherine totally gets the power of the health community on Instagram – she has nearly reached the 10k follower mark. Wowsers. She now writes reviews about healthy products, gives followers recipe ideas and cafés even get her to pop in and write reviews! After seeing her gorgeous infectious smile we know why. She just glows with enthusiasm and happiness.     

Katherine has also just launched her new website so we’re celebrating by having a cuppa with her and sharing this Q&A with you, pretty readers:

@naturalsupplyco: Welcome Katherine, thank you so much for agreeing to share your story with us Natural Supply Co peeps. So firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself and your health journey?

@KBsugarfree: Hi girls! So happy to join you in this new adventure you have undertaken! Well, to keep it relatively short and sweet I’m a 20 year old Brisbane student currently in my third year of studying Occupational Therapy (almost graduated!). About two years ago I decided to change my health for the better, and to change it for good. I tried out a few fad diets and obviously failed at them, but then read about Sarah Wilson and fell in love with her I Quit Sugar Philosophy. I read that book from back to front until I pretty much knew it like the back of my hand. I think I have pretty much made most of the recipes from the first book, a lot from the second and my absolute favourites have been from the Slow Cooker Book. In the last year I’ve been developing my dietary preferences and healthy lifestyle to a more personalised version of IQS - I still avoid the sweet stuff but occasionally enjoy the 'refined sugar free' products like those from dates, figs, honey etc. but I still stick to a wholesome, real food diet and I make a serious effort not to reprimand or criticise other dietary/health preferences. From my journey so far, I have come to the realisation and acceptance that everyone is different and everyone's body is different, so different people respond and believe in different health perspectives. Which I think is something everyone should accept! Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, raw, sugarfree, paleo - I dont think anyone should be fighting for who is the best but rather we should be proud of one another for caring about our health and wellbeing, no matter which direction that may take! 

Now my journey has taken a new directive through the incorporation of food reviewing and blogging in my local Brisbane and surrounding area. I don’t think that healthy eating should ever make one feel like deprivation or exclusion, and I think sometimes people force themselves to miss out on a good time with friends and family at the risk of ruining their healthy lifestyle. Dining out is not something that should be avoided, ever. Food brings people together and so much of our lives are based around food, and they always have been. People who are trying to lead healthy lifestyles need to know that there are always options available - and my latest mission has been trying to showcase those that Brisbane (and surrounding areas) has on offer! This includes local, regional products and raw, vegan, paleo, sugar free, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free options that ARE available! Cafés and restaurants work hard to try to please everyone and they should be praised and commended for these efforts by the people who want them most, us health foodies!  

@naturalsupplyco: We have also done the IQS program and love your recipes as they apply the same principles (minimal sugar, healthy fats and #jerf) - would you be happy to share one of your recipes with us here at Natural Supply Co?

@KBsugarfree: Of course I would! My favourite go to meal of all time is my Pumpkin and Coconut Soup. I literally ALWAYS have it available in my fridge/freezer, on hand for a quick, cheap and easy meal! You can add in any extra ingredients, like kale or spinach, but I kept this recipe quick and simple for others to then expand on if they so please! 

The recipe is available on my website at:

@naturalsupplyco: Yum! We can't wait to make that quick smart! You have really inspired us, because even though you lived on campus whilst finishing your degree you stilled managed to make healthy choices.

@KBsugarfree: Thank you for such a kind compliment! I’ve always believed that you just have to do the best you can, with what you have, wherever you are. That was my principle at college, and while I’ve now moved out, I’m a lot more time and cash poor than I was before (believe it or not!). I’m all about minimal waste, maximum nutrition and of course minimal expenditure. My favourite thing to do is raid the special boxes at the local fruit store, go to the markets, buy EVERYTHING ON SALE at the supermarket and then make meals big enough to feed a family and then freeze them in portions big enough for just one serve for myself. I do one or two a week and rotate between them – it’s fast, easy and a super cheap and sustainable way to live. During college I would just buy things from the markets to spruce up my plain ingredients from the dining hall – for instance I would take a piece of chicken and then make lunch/dinner in my room with my own veggies. Living out of college sure is a lot easier, but a lot more preparation as well.

@naturalsupplyco: We agree with you that it's so important to be conscious of what you're putting into your mouth. We also believe that it's as equally important to care about what goes on our skin - through beauty and home care products. As a uni student what natural ingredients did you love to use (both to eat and for your skin or dorm)?

@KBsugarfree: Since beginning to care about what I consumed, it took me about a month to realise that what I put on my skin and in my home was just as important. Because the skin actually absorbs up to 80% of what is placed on its surface, I stick to using minimal products but always use an organic and cruelty free face wash and moisturiser + an occasional application of rose hip oil. That’s why I’m so excited to have just received my first purchase from Natural Supply Co – I chose some W3LL people make up, the Eco Tan coconut and mint body wash (to add to her Eco Tan sunscreen), the Nilly + Booth honey and oat soap and some O&M hair care. Can’t wait to try them all out!  

@naturalsupplyco: Yay we know you’ll love them! You’ve chosen well. So when you’re a bit run down and in need of a treat what's your one guilt-free indulgence?

@KBSugarfree: organic, high quality and high cacao % dark chocolate when I’m at home and when I’m dining out I love raw treats. I can also let you in on my little treat/reward system: I generally treat myself to something on a Wednesday to get me through the working week and then again on a Saturday for rewarding myself for getting through it! 

@naturalsupplyco: Hey that sounds great, we’re all about balance (and chocolate in moderation!). Thank you so much for showing such generosity in spirit in connecting with us and sharing the love. We are so excited to continue to support you and your new website. 

@KBSugarfree: Thank you so much for having me! I’m always happy to share the love with like-minded and kind-hearted souls like yourself! It is a massive world out there and I believe we all need to empower each other the best we can, be grateful for what we have, respect one another and appreciate everything that comes our way!

And on that note, we're off to make Katherine's pumpkin soup!!

Yours in health, Celeste and Catherine xxx  

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