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Going Green? 15 Easy Ways to Have an Eco Friendly Kitchen

February 12, 2021 1 min read

If you’ve made the decision to start incorporating more eco-friendly and sustainable choices in your life, congratulations! You’ve already made one of the biggest leaps. But the next step may be the hardest - knowing where to start. What better place to start making sustainable choices than an eco-friendly kitchen?

Redfin asked us to contribute a tip for an eco-friendly kitchen to their blog, and I've shared our tip with you here:

Ditch the plastic in any way you can.When your dish brush, scourer, and kitchen sponges are ready for the bin, replace them with sustainable options, which can be composted at their end of life. Bamboo or wooden dish brushes work effectively, as do coconut or copper scourers. We also recommend reusable paper towels for mopping up spills or cleaning stove tops, instead of buying disposable options. They can be used over and over again and will end up saving you money – and caring for the environment.

You can read the full article here.

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